Posted on Apr 26, 2013 |

At The Source we dispense only premium lab tested medication. We ensure purity, quality and safety through lab testing all flowers at Northwest Botanical Analysis an independent lab. This is third-party lab testing facility, not an in-house testing kit.  It is important to get lab tested meds so you know whats in your medicine: potency for dosing correctly, pesticide screening and mold analysis.

Using the latest in gas-chromatography technology, we accurately determine cannabinoid content. We test for THC, CBD, and CBN. By identifying the exact cannabinoid content-by-volume, you can confidently administer a safe, effective dose.
This intensive screening detects the presence of toxic pesticides. Even trace amounts of contaminants can cause harm to you—this test gives you the peace of mind that your medicine is safe for you.
Employing EPA-approved method, this test determines mold content. The presence of mold–such as Aspergillus—within medical cannabis can render adverse effects on you. The potential for harm is amplified for many patients because of existing health limitations. Through microbe analysis we ensure all our products are mold free. get new band

Lab tested at Northwest Botanical Analysis